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Trust Services

Need Foreclosure Sale Information? Click here

Want a Notice of Default List? Check Out Our Foreclosure Search Tool

Use this tool to search for foreclosure records by County, date, beneficiary, etc. Your results are displayed in an easy to read format and allows you to view copies of the recorded documents, and may also be downloaded into Excel for future reference. This tool includes several Idaho counties. This does not include Utah and Washington state counties. $25 annual fee. Click here to sign up today. Or click here if you've already paid.

About Us

TitleOne's default and foreclosure services department provides Trustee Sale Guarantees and facilitates foreclosure sales throughout the state of Idaho. Extensive knowledge of Idaho's statutory guidelines ensures every part of the foreclosure process will be handled within required foreclosure timelines.

How much do you know about foreclosures?

Click here to see commonly asked questions. Also, read the article that includes tips on how to protect yourself when purchasing a foreclosure at an auction.

Owen Glodt
Owen Glodt
Trust Services Team Leader
Sheri Coleman
Sheri Coleman
Trust Officer
Becky McCormick
Becky McCormick
Trust Department Assistant


Services we provide:

  • Non-Judicial Trustee Sale Guarantee foreclosure reports
  • Judicial Litigation Guarantee reports
  • Non-Judicial foreclosure trust services
    • Order and preparation of Trustee Sale Guarantee report.
    • Title clearing.
    • Preparation and recordation of all default documents.
    • Compliance of all statutory requirements for notifications, posting and service, and publication dates.
    • Compliance with HUD and VA guidelines.
    • Compliance of statutory requirements for bankruptcy short method trustee sales.
    • Supervision of trustee sales.
    • Post foreclosure title insurance policies.

Frequently Asked Foreclosure Questions:

Q. Can the owner sell the property while it's in foreclosure?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I get into the property to look at it before I attend the sale?
A. No. The owner owns the property up until the time of sale EVEN IF it is vacant.

Q. Can you tell me which Deed of Trust you are foreclosing on?
A. No. In order to find out specific information about the property the best thing to do is to purchase some type of title report that will disclose this information to you. We recommend waiting a few days before the auction happens before purchasing a report like this in case the owner reinstates or pays off the loan.

Q. Do I have to bring in a cashier's check to bid at the auction?
A. Yes. Make checks payable to TitleOne

Q. When will you know the opening bid?
A. Good question! The lender or their attorney will provide us bidding instructions typically anywhere from a week before up to the actual day of the sale. We will release this information to the public as soon as we have it available.