TitleOne's Action Plan for COVID-19

TitleOne Offers New Closing Options for Your Safety and Convenience

We are committed to keeping you and our team safe while closing your transaction. With that, we have added two new ways to sign your transaction. Please connect with your Escrow Officer to determine the best closing method for your transaction. It’s our pleasure serving you.

By Appointment Only in Office, with Extra Precautions
  • All offices are open and conducting business by appointment only.
  • We will greet you with a smile instead of shaking your hand.
  • To minimize your time in the office, we will send your closing documents ahead of time for review. We can review any questions over the phone prior to your appointment.
  • We are sanitizing closing rooms before and after each closing.
  • We will provide individual pens for each signer to use and take home.
  • Allow only the signers to attend; please leave children at home if possible.
  • Been sick or exposed? Please reschedule.
Remote Online Notary (where available)
  • We are offering you this third-party service free of charge. Below are the steps to expect for a Remote Online Notary closing.
  • You will connect with the notary using your smartphone, tablet or computer that has a webcam and microphone.
  • The online notary will verify your identity and watch you sign the documents, replacing the need for an in-office visit.
  • Your final closing documents will be sent to you electronically.
  • Note, this method requires lender approval and may not be a fit for all transactions.
Curbside Closings (where available)
  • We will send your closing documents ahead of time for review, or you can pick up a preprinted set.
  • Please send us a copy of your ID or driver’s license.
  • Title Resources will provide gap coverage for the period between closing/funding and actual recording of documents.
  • Sign your documents from the comfort of your home and drop off your documents from the safety of your own car.
  • On closing day, park in front of the agreed upon TitleOne location. We will meet you at your vehicle to obtain your closing documents.
  • Your final signed copies will be emailed or sent to you via FedEx.
  • Been sick or exposed? Please reschedule.
Special Requests:
  • Please coordinate the transfer of keys outside of closing.
  • Ask your clients to wire or bring in cashier’s checks for earnest money and funds to close.
  • We will wire or mail proceeds whenever possible.

3/19 UPDATE: COVID-19 TitleOne’s Action Plan Phone Call

Jason Vickrey | President

Action Plan for the Current Situation
  • Over 60% of our team is now working from home in an effort to do our part in social distancing. Those in the office have the recommended distance between them.
  • Seven of our sister offices have closed in Colorado due to one exposed person traveling between offices. In light of this situation, we are asking our team and customers to visit only one office.
  • We are sanitizing all areas after use, making hand sanitizer available, and using disposable cups so you can still enjoy your coffee from our coffee bar.
  • We do have a readiness plan in case an office is contaminated.
  • We are working closely with local governments on a preparedness plan in the event certain counties or the state move toward a shelter in place order.
Abby Black | Chief Operations Officer

Technology, Deliveries, and Communication
  • In an effort to limit our drivers' exposure we have a number of businesses that said we can deliver commission checks once a day (vs. multiple stops). If your business is willing to do that please let us know.
  • Some customers have wanted us to wire commissions and proceeds and we are doing that. If you are interested please contact us.
  • We’ve also seen companies add drop boxes too- thank you! The more we can improve social distancing efforts the better off we all are.
Bob Rice | Western Regional Council

Contingencies for County Recorder Interruptions
  • Electronic Recording of Documents is acceptable in all Idaho Counties - even if a County Recorder is closed for walk-in traffic documents can still be recorded electronically.
  • If a County Recorder is completely closed (not possible to record at all) TitleOne is still able to close and fund all transactions and Title Resources will insure the transactions.
  • Title Resources will provide gap coverage for the period between closing/funding and actual recording of documents.
  • Policy date for owner’s and/or lender’s policy will be the date the transaction funded/closed.
  • Gap coverage will protect the buyer and lender during period between closing and subsequent recording which will occur as soon as the County Recorder is open.
  • There is no charge for this additional coverage and no additional underwriting is required.
  • No additional documents will need to be signed by the buyer, seller or lender to obtain this coverage.
Laura Page | Director of Training and Escrow

Escrow Operations
  • Our team is still prepared to help you at the office of your choosing but someone else may step in to help you who is not your Escrow Officer.
  • For all of our safety, we ask that only those necessary to the signing attend closing. Please notify us if one of the signers has been exposed to the novel coronavirus or is showing symptoms.
  • When possible we ask that funds are sent to us via wire transfer or a cashier’s check to limit handling.
  • We have partnered with Notarize.com to utilize remote online notarization. The following requirements apply:
    • Signer must have a strong internet connection, camera, and microphone on the device they use (such as a phone, tablet, or computer).
    • Signer must have valid ID and a social security number.
    • If the transaction involves a loan, the lender must approve of using remote online notarization.
    • Large or commercial transactions may not be eligible.

TitleOne's Action Plan for COVID-19

The health and safety of our team members and customers are always our top priorities.


  • All TitleOne offices are open for business.
  • We have expanded cleaning and sanitization efforts in our offices to ensure a safe environment.
  • We have preparedness and communication plans in place for any office that may become exposed.


  • We are practicing the social distancing guidelines across our offices and during closings.
  • This includes welcoming you with smiles instead of handshakes and providing individual pens for each signee.


  • We have expanded support for remote work and are conducting virtual meetings.
  • We are encouraging virtual meetings when possible and have suspended large internal events.


  • There is a heightened awareness for fraud during this time.
  • Please refer to our guidelines to keep yourself and customers safe.
  • We are working with lenders to provide electronic options to facilitate the closing process.

We will continue to monitor the spread of coronavirus and follow the guidance of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other government entities. We will update this page as new information becomes available. We appreciate your trust and will do everything we can to work with you during this challenging time.


Jason Vickrey
President, TitleOne