Glossary of Endorsements


Provides lender with assurance that the manufactured housing unit located on the land at date of policy is included within the term land as defined in the policy.

In the early 1980’s the secondary market sought assurances from title insurers that the lien of a mortgage on land improved with manufactured housing (a mobile home affixed to the land as provided by statute) attached to the manufactured housing. The solution was simple and direct, in 1982 the Manufactured Housing Unit Endorsement was devised to insure a lender that the manufactured housing unit is included in the definition of the term “land” in the policy. Thus a policy with the endorsement insures that the lien of the insured mortgage attaches to a manufactured housing unit affixed to the land.

Many states have statutes that govern the means by which manufacture housing can be affixed to the land. Usually states require the removal of the hitch and axles, mounting on a permanent base (concrete slab), anchors or tie downs and the surrender of the motor vehicle title documents to the department of motor vehicles with a statement that the unit has been affixed to the land.