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So, you’re buying or selling a home right? You need to keep your money safe. More than ever - cyber criminals are getting involved and stealing buyer, seller and even Realtor funds. Take the quiz to learn how to play it S-A-F-E.


Imagine you’re ready to buy or sell your home and you never get to the finish line. Wire fraud is costing consumers $240 billion annually. Simply put, wire fraud is when a thief intercepts and steals funds involved in your real estate transaction.

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What is wire fraud?
When wired funds go to the wrong bank
When hackers intercept and steal money in a real estate transaction
When money is lost in the mail

More than ever, hackers are stealing buyer, seller and even Realtor funds. Anyone can be a target and the thieves are constantly finding new methods.

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Who do hackers target?
Buyers & Sellers
All of the Above

Hackers have many methods to insert themselves into your transaction to commit fraud.

They often begin the wire fraud process by sending a malicious link in an email and pretend to be the Realtor or title company.

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How do hackers typically get involved to steal your money?
Show up at your house
Send a letter
Hack into email accounts and impersonate the Realtor or title company

Follow these important steps to keep your money safe! Be careful using a phone number in an email (even if it looks like it came from us).

Do not wire money without calling us to confirm instructions. Always call before and after sending money using a number from our website.

Enable 2-step authentication in your email to keep hackers out.

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How can you avoid wire fraud during your real estate transaction?
Correspond with us only using snail mail
Call us using a phone number from our website
Send us a text
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Congratulations! You made it home S-A-F-E!